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Hujjat al-Islam Hojjati:
"Iranian missiles dominate the sky"
The ill policies and strategies of our enemies will not deter the Islamic Republic said the Friday Prayer Leader of Kermanshah

Hawzah News Agency (Kermanshah, Iran) – Addressing a group of seminar students at Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s seminary school in Kermanshah on Friday, July 14, Hujjat al-Islam Muhammad Hojjati hailed Iran’s missile power saying, “Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is considered as a symbol of power in the region and the world."

The Friday Prayer Leader of Kermanshah pointed out Iran’s impressive progress over the last decades and added, "All Iranians, especially our military forces, remember well that during the first years of the Iran-Iraq war we had difficulty supplying enough Kalashnikov bullets for our soldiers; but now, with the help of Allah (swt), Iranian missiles dominate the sky."

Elsewhere in his remarks, the senior cleric reiterated that such power and authority is achieved only through unity and integrity between Iranian people and the officials of the country, "Just a few days ago, US secretary of defense expressed his concern over the solidarity of Iranian people with their government; he even asserted that no one can harm Iran as long as Iranians stand united with their government."

Hujjat al-Islam Hojjati then slammed some of the regional countries’ hostile stance against Iran saying, "Some of the oppressive regional governments including the infanticide Saudi regime have mistakenly trusted the US administration, but their ill policies will soon hit a dead-end."




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