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Lebanese Scholars visit Lady Masumah Shrine
Head of the Lady Masumah (sa) shrine's department for International relations announced that ۴ Lebanese Friday Prayer Imams paid a visit to the holy shrine in Qom on Tuesday.

Hawzah News agency (Qom, Iran) – Mr Kamal Arkani, Head of the Holy Shrine's department of international relations, had an interview with Hawzah News in which he emphasized the key status of Qom and remarked that this city is regarded as an internationally-recognized one due to the presence of Lady Masumah's (sa) shrine. "The holy shrine of Lady Masumah (sa) is constantly hosting foreign pilgrims and visitors including many influential personalities from different countries."


Mr Arkani further pointed out that 4 Friday Prayer Imams from Lebanon paid a visit to Lady Masumah (sa) shrine in Qom on Tuesday, July 11; "These figures are invited to Iran by Al-Mustafa International University in order to attend some religious and scientific meetings soon to be held in Qom."


Head of the Department of International Relations at Lady Masumah (sa) shrine concluded his remarks by saying, "During their visit, the Lebanese clerics met with the officials of the International relations department and discussed ongoing issues with them."



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