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Head of Iranian Seminaries receives Lebanese Scholars;
"Iran highlights Unity of Islamic Community"
Ayatollah Alireza Arafi, head of Iranian Seminaries, met with a group of Lebanese Muslim scholars in Qom during which he emphasized on the unity of Islamic Ummah.

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) – Ayatollah Alireza Arafi, head of Iranian Islamic seminaries, met with a group of Lebanese Muslim scholars in Qom on Sunday, July 9 during which he asserted, "Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution marked the beginning of a new era in our country; an era of great changes in Iran. One of the most notable changes was the development of our scientific centers including the Islamic seminaries. "

"Today, more than 5 million people are studying in Iranian universities and seminaries; more than 100 thousand students are learning Islamic sciences in the seminary of Qom." Ayatollah Arafi said.

Head of Iranian Seminaries further remarked, "Al-Mustafa University is an International Islamic center in which thousands of foreign students from different religious sects are majoring in a wide range of fields."

He addressed the Lebanese clerics saying, "The basis of Islamic Republic of Iran's doctrine, which is currently being practiced in Islamic seminaries, is to emphasize on the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt (as) and to promote maximum interactions with members of the Islamic community. Our main focus is to strengthen unity among Islamic sects and ignore our disagreements in favor of glory and dignity of the Islamic World."



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