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Ayatollah Khamenei:
"Iraqi popular forces fighting ISIS, a clear manifestation of Iraqi youths' vigilance"

Hawzah News Agency (Tehran, Iran) – Here are some excerpts from ayatollah Khamenei's remarks about Iraqi popular mobilization forces:


ISIS escaped from Iraq, Thanks to faithful Iraqi youth


ISIS is escaping from Iraq and this admirable achievement is the result of internal unity and integrity in Iraq—which was accomplished thanks to the Iraqi government relying on Iraqi faithful youth. Jun 20, 2017


The people of Iraq are a great people who have an ancient history and who enjoy a very important capacity which is the existence of powerful and vigilant youth. Therefore, this capacity should be benefitted from in order to help Iraq reach the position that it deserves.

In the present time, the Iraqi youth have awakened. They have understood what power and capabilities they have. Without a doubt, such youth will not give in to American domination.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described the existence of the volunteer forces that fight against DAESH as a clear manifestation of Iraqi youth’s awakening and power, stressing: “The capacities and capabilities of Iraqi youth should be utilized more than the past in order to help Iraq reach the position that it deserves.” Nov 24, 2015



Iraq is a great, important and influential country in the region


The current conditions of the region - including the conditions of Iraq - are the result of policies that non-regional powers and some regional countries adopted in Syria in an irresponsible way. We believe that the people and government of Iraq - particularly the youth of this country - have the capability to defeat terrorists and insure security. We believe that there is no need for the presence of foreigners in this country...


Iraq is a great, important and influential country in the region. If security is restored and things return to normal, it can really play an important role.


As we said before, we believe that the people and government of Iraq do not need foreigners and other countries in order to overcome security problems. The complex conditions of the region are such that the security of regional countries is inseparable. Besides, the Islamic Republic of Iran views the security of Iraq - as a brother to Iran and a neighboring country with which it enjoys vast interactions - as its own security. Oct 21, 2014



Iraq is one geographical unit, separation of Shia, Sunni, Arab and Kurd is meaningless in it


Iraq is one geographical unit and the separation of Shia, Sunni, Arab and Kurd is meaningless in this country. The parties and tribes involved in Iraq should understand this issue and they should know that those actions which are taken against the national unity of Iraq are not to the benefit of this country. Oct 21, 2014


It is many centuries now that the people of Iraq – including Shias, Sunnis, Arabs and Kurds – have been living together, but unfortunately some regional and foreign countries are after magnifying discord. This effort should be confronted and any course of action that leads to the emergence of discord should be avoided.

Things should not develop in a way that the Americans dare to speak about the dismembering of Iraq in an open way. Why should a country like Iraq – which is a large and rich country and which enjoys a millennium-long history – be dismembered into smaller regions so much so that it is always subject to conflicts and quarrels?


Nov 24, 2015



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