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Lebanese cleric: “Islamic unity brings our might”
Lebanese cleric highlighted national solidarity and Islamic unity as the factors behind power of the Muslim nation and the agent which hinders plots by enemies.

Hawzah News Agency - Sheikh Ahmad Qattan, head of Lebanon’s Qawlana va Al Amal Movement (We Say and Act Movement) noted the importance of unity and confrontation with dispersion in Islam and counted

Islamic solidarity as the factor behind power of Muslim world.
He announced the movement’s solidarity with the army and other military organizations in Lebanon who are in constant safeguarding the security and instability in the country.
“National and Islamic unity is the elements behind Lebanon’s might” said the Lebanese cleric and counted that as the factors which push back the enemies who are in pursuit of damaging the nation and dominating the

fate of Muslims.
Sheikh Ahmad al Qattan reiterated the resistance of Lebanese security forces and said the combination of nation, army and resistance is the only equation whish safeguards Lebanon and the nation against enemies.

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