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Word of God: Qur’an in real life
Chapter ۸۱: Honor your spouse
Imam Sajjad said, “The right of your wife is that you know God has made her a comfort for you; so know that she is God’s favor toward you, so you should honor her and treat her gently.

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) – The Qur’an is the very word of God; a complete record of the exact words revealed by Almighty God through the Archangel Gabriel to His Last Messenger. This holy book is not just a torch of guidance for afterlife, and if you look at it close enough, you would find important massages for living in this life as well.

Here we are going to present some informative Articles about how you can relate on the verses of Qur’an in real life which potentially would lead to solving your personal and social problems and having a very spiritual and beautiful life by accepting God’s commands:

 In life, no matter how much good there is, you can always find something bad if you look for it. You can find some fault, some weakness, something that you do not understand or like. Either you can develop an eye for the good, or you can develop a critical eye and always see the bad. You can extend your glance toward what people have or you can fix your eyes at good things Almighty God has provided for you. God says, “Do not linger with your eyes on what We have bestowed upon some couples from them, and do not grieve for them, and lower your wing for the believers.” (Qur’an; 15:88)

 This is why marriages are in so much trouble today. A spouse or both spouses have developed a habit of being negative and only seeing the negative. They have become too critical and view everything through their critical eye.

 You can train yourself to see your spouse’s strengths, or you can train yourself to see their weaknesses. You can focus on what you like about your spouse and magnify their good qualities, or you can focus on what you do not like and magnify the things that annoy you.  Jesus (peace be upon him) and his disciples walked across a street. In the middle of the street was laying a dog. It was dead probably since several weeks. The disciples stopped Jesus and asked him, “Did you see that poor dead dog? Its body is in such an awful shape. The worms already have eaten the half of it.” Jesus answered: “No, I have not seen that. But have you seen these beautiful white teeth from that dog.”

 If you choose for the positive, it does not mean that you are blind for the so-called reality. It simply means that you have made a conscious decision. It means you know the right of your spouse. Imam Sajjad (peace be upon him) said, “The right of your wife  is that you know that God has made her a repose and a comfort for you; so know that she is God’s favor toward you, so you should honor her and treat her gently. You must treat her with compassion, feed her and clothe her and whenever her ignorance troubles you, you should pardon her.”

Some people have become so critically minded that no matter what the other one does, it is not going to be right. They never see the good their spouse does anymore, and they have forgotten the reasons they fell in love and got married. It is because they are magnifying the wrong things.


Author: Abolfazl Sabouri

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