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۹-year-old blind boy in Egypt learning Quran
A ۹-year-old visually-impaired boy in Egypt has managed to memorize ۲۶ of the ۳۰ Juzes (parts) of the Quran and is set to complete memorizing the entire Holy Book soon.

Hawzah News Agency (Cairo, Egypt) ‌- Muhammad Mahmoud Abdul Fattah lives in Mit Mujahid village in Dakahlia governorate, northeast of the country.

He is a four-grade student at an al-Azhar affiliated educational institute and has been learning the Quran by heart for some time.


"One of my favorite activities is memorizing the Quran,” he says. "I have learned 26 Juzes so far and will continue on this path to memorize the entire Quran, God willing.”

Sheikh Muhammad Shafiq, the boy’s teacher, says Muhammad is a boy who is very talented in memorizing the Quran.


He says Muhammad has received a lot of certificates of honor for his Quranic achievements so far.

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