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“ISIL Evident” published

Hawzah News Agency - “Ferity Management, Daesh Manifest” by author under the pen name Abi Bakr Naji translated by Iranian translator Azadeh Garivani.
Written by Seyyed javad Miri, professor of Humanities research Center and Cultural Studies, the foreword for the book relates on ISIL and the issues of extremism as well as strategies to handle “Other” in the Islamic

Part of the introduction to the book reads,” One of the most fundamental issues challenged by the world of Islam is the notion of the “Other” and “ways to face the Other” and the appearance of movements like

ISIL, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, Ahrar al-Sham or other terrorist groups which feed on each other is also telling of the issue in the world of Islam.
According to the author of the introduction one of the most important issues ahead of modern man is his approval or evasiveness in regards to the “Other”. In other words the question is over: What approach

should be followed in regards to the “Other” from a diverse culture, ethnicity or racial background?
“In a vast part of the Muslim world the notion of the “Other” is tinged with denomination hues meaning that Muslims are in pursuit of differences between themselves and the others based on special signs and

denominational margins” reads another part of the prelude which continues as,” Confrontation of Muslims with the “Other” happens under either of two approaches: reconciliation based on peace and dialogue or

deletion of the “Other” as with modern violent movements in the world of Islam.”
Reading the book on “Ferity Management, Daesh Manifest” will prove that the author Abi Bakr al Naji has no proposal out of the western dominance and introduces destruction and suicide attacks as the only

recommendation for the youths in Muslim world.
Based on the report the book provides us with information on ideologies of threatening groups in our neighboring countries.
Reviewing the book could provide the grounds for mulling on our understanding of Islam and vigilance over some misunderstandings of the holy religion. In other words studying such fundamental and extremist

Islamism includes security and cultural importance for us.
To understand ideologies of extremist Islamic movements sounds vital when questioning them can also lead us to study our cultural, social, religious and political organization.

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