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Grand Ayat. Vahid attends Imam Ali's Mourning Procession
Grand Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani, a Shia source of emulation, attended a mourning procession to commemorate Imam Ali's (as) martyrdom anniversary in Qom, Iran.

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) – Simultaneously with the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali (as) on 21st of Ramadan, a mourning procession was held with the efforts of Grand Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani's office in Qom, Iran in which numerous Ahlulbayt (as) lovers took part.


The Shia Muslims including the senior cleric participated in the procession and marched from the office of Grand Ayatollah Vahid to Lady Masuma (sa) Shrine.



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