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Lebanon's al-Ummah hails Iran for boosting Islamic Unity
A delegation from Lebanon's al-Ummah movement headed by Sheikh Abdullah al-Jabri, chairman of the movement, met with Iranian ambassador to Lebanon to mark the commemoration of Imam Khomeini's (ra) demise anniversary.

Hawzah News agency (Beirut, Lebanon) - During the meeting, the Lebanese delegation congratulated the Iranian ambassador on the reelection of President Hassan Rouhani for his second term in office.


Mr Fathali, the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon, welcomed Sheikh al-Jabri and his accompanying delegation and reiterated that Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to fight imperialism, support the Palestinian cause and the Lebanese Islamic Resistance as well as help all those Muslims in need around the world.


The Lebanese Scholar Sheikh al-Jabri also pointed out that the Islamic community is presently going through some tough times since the Zionist-American adversaries are plotting against Muslim Ummah; he urged Muslim nations to strengthen Islamic unity and solidarity in order to combat the Western countries' attempts to sow discord within Muslim community.




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