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۴۰ Seminary institutes attend Int’l Quran Expo in Tehran
Director of seminary institutions at Tehran International Quran Expo announced that ۴۰ seminary centers have participated in Tehran expo this year and they offer as many as ۱۶۰ new Quranic publications.

Hawzah News Agency (Tehran, Iran) – Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Hassan Tayeb Husseini had an interview with Hawzah News in which he asserted, "The Islamic seminaries attend the international Quran Expo for 12th year in a row and 40 seminary institutes are present at the expo."


Head of the Seminary centers’ Public Relations Council further added, "The special section which is dedicated to Islamic seminary institutes at Tehran’s Quran Expo will offer a variety of programs to the visitors; Seminary institutes present the latest achievements of the Islamic seminaries during the last year."


"In this year’s expo, more than 160 Quranic works on ethics, Islamic lifestyle, websites, books and  magazines by subjects such as children, teenagers, families, child upbringing, Mahdism, etc. have been put on display for the visitors."



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