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Australian ambassador visits University of Islamic Sects in Tehran
Australian ambassador to Iran paid a visit to the University of Islamic Sects in Tehran and became familiar with the university’s model for peaceful coexistence among Iranian sects and religions.

Hawzah News Agency (Tehran, Iran) – In a meeting with Mr Biggs, the Australian ambassador to Iran, at the university of Islamic Sects in Tehran, Hujjat al-Islam Muhammad Hussein Mukhtari, president of the university, made some remarks on the threats of religious extremism and takfiri movements in the present world.


Head of the University of Islamic Sects stressed that extremism poses multiple threats to societies since it can totally corrupt every society and added, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is the pioneer in fighting extremism in the world; the establishment of the University of Islamic Sects in Tehran signifies our strong willingness to create peaceful coexistence among different Iranian sects and religions.


Mr Biggs, the ambassador of Australia to Iran, also expressed his enthusiasm for visiting the University of Islamic sects and asserted that this university serves as a great example for creating friendship and peaceful coexistence among different religions. “There is a great Muslim population in Australia along with followers of other religions, unfortunately, we’re facing extremism and radicalism in Australia as well and it is posing a threat to our country.”


“Applying the successful experience of the University of Islamic Sects in fighting extremism can help us find solutions to combat this issue in our own country,” the ambassador concluded.



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