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News Code : 349311 | Publish Date :2017/5/18 - 17:44 | Category: FORUM
"Israelis attack Palestinian protesters to hide truth"
A member of the Free Palestine Movement believes the purpose of Israeli forces’ attacks against peaceful protesters is “more repression”, adding that part of it is “the imprisonment of Palestinians who are defending their rights in order to keep them quiet”.

Hawzah News Agency (Ramallah, Palestine) - “The attacks against the demonstrators are intended to prevent demonstrators from demonstrating. The attacks on the demonstrators in front of the Red Cross in Ramallah, the attacks on other demonstrators who sympathize with hunger strikers, all of these are intended to repress, to hide what is going on,” Paul Larudee told Press TV in an interview on Thursday, May ۱۸, ۲۰۱۷.  

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