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Conference for the Shia shrines in Iraq, Syria, and Iran in Karbala
Under the auspices of the Imam Hussein holy shrine and with the participation of the holy shrines of Imam Ali, al-Abbas, Kadhumiya, Askariya, Imam Redha, Sayyida Zainab and the Shia holy shrines, the second international conference for holy Shia shrines and sites in the Islamic world was launched in Karbala, Iraq.

Hawzah News Agency (Karbala, Iraq) ‌- Imam Hussain holy shrine has witnessed the beginning of the second conference for the Shia Muslim holy shrines in Iraq, Syria, and Iran.

The conference is about discussing the most important issues concerning pilgrims and the best services offered for them.

The conference has been attended by the head of the Shia Muslim Endowment Bureau, and the custodian of the Imam Hussain holy shrine, in addition to the secretaries- general of the holy shrines of Iraq, Syria and Iran.

Abdul-Mahdi al-Kerbela’e delivered a speech in which he said, “The holy shrines share the same commonalities of faith and the same unity of goals, which require cooperative activities and works to achieve.”

The deputy secretary-general of the Imam Hussain holy shrine, Sayyid Efdhel al-Shami delivered a speech in which he said, “The conference will make a decision about providing the pilgrims with the best services possible.”

The services will not be offered exclusively for the followers of Ahlul-Bayt (as), but for everyone who is subscribed to any religion or denomination.

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