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News Code : 349092 | Publish Date :2017/4/21 - 17:58 | Category: FORUM

Bahraini regime prosecution summons ۱۲ activists for interrogation
The Public Prosecution summoned on ۱۲ Bahraini activists for interrogation, on Monday and Tuesday, on top the opposition leader Ibrahim Sharif.

Hawzah News Agency (Manama, Bahrain) - Leader in Wa’ad Farida Ghulam, human rights lawyer Mohammad Al-Tajer and human rights activists Fatima Al-Halwachi, Enas Oun, Ibtisam Al-Saegh and Ahmad Al-Saffar as well as journalist Faisal Hayyat were among the activists summoned by the prosecution.


Commenting on the subpoenas received by a number of activists, Ibrahim Sharif said that these subpoenas coincide with the UPR in Geneva.


The sent subpoenas did not explain the reason behind the summoning, however, they showed that public prosecutors Khalid Al-Tamimi and Abdullah Al-Khashram will carry out the interrogation.

The Bahraini authorities summoned yesterday former secretary general of Wa’ad Radhi Al-Mosawi and released him under guarantee of his place of residence after accusing him of assembling in Diraz.

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