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Moroccan scholar:
"Islamic revolution created fear in the west"
"Iran must become the center for realizing the potentials of the Islamic world." said a Moroccan scholar.

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) – Speaking at the scientific meeting held in the international conference center of Islamic propagation office in Qom to discuss the capacities of Islamic civilization on Wednesday, April 19, Idris Hani asserted," one of the most significant events in recent history was the victory of Iran's Islamic revolution in 1979; This revolution, with its unique features, caused fear and terror in the western civilization which has always opposed Islam and its principles."


He added, "Iran has the capacity to manage and direct all Islamic potentials as well as gathering influential Muslim scholars to discuss major issues in developing the Islamic civilization; the same way that Safavid dynasty gathered all great Muslim figures of that era to lead the Islamic civilization. It can happen at the present era as well hoping to develop genuine Islamic thoughts and to progress Islam scientifically and culturally."


"The Iranian people must create an atmosphere in their country in which great Islamic potentials can be realized; Iran must benefit from the capacities of the whole Islamic world."


The Muslim scholar further said, "If the US has a great influence in the world today, it's due to their making use of other countries' and cultures' capacities. They pursue their strategies through the capacities of other civilizations. "


"The Islamic world has exceptional capacities in terms of geography, natural resources as well as environmental and cultural opportunities to develop. That's why we as Muslim community need to realize these great potentials," Hani concluded.

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