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Desecration of Quran at Texas University
Students at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) were left appalled after discovering copies of Islam’s holy book had been dumped in a toilet on their university campus.

Hawzah News Agency - The Muslim Student Association at the UTD has condemned the ‘hateful’ act, according to The Mercury, the university’s student-run website.

The hate crime was discovered by Jonathan Schuler, a member of the student government.

He told The Mercury: ‘I was appalled. It made a lot of the hate I had been hearing and seeing on national news real, and very present.’

Schuler alerted other students including Sammy Lutes, who took photos as evidence.

He said: ‘I was just really shocked. And I was kind of in disbelief for a moment. I didn’t believe that was a real thing that must have happened.

‘In itself, I think it is an isolated incident not part of a larger effort. But I still think it is extremely frightening. I think that administration should really address the situation of Islamophobia and hate on campus.’

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