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Vienna's Friday Prayer Imam slams US Hypocracy
"The world has not forgotten US lies and scandals in Iraq war." said Hujjat al-Islam Mohsenzadeh.

Hawzah News Agency (Vienna, Austria) – Hujjat al-Islam Mohsenzadeh, Friday Payer Imam of Vienna, slammed US missile strikes on Syria.


He remarked, "The US' recent cruise missile strikes on Syria are a clear impeachment of international law. It's not difficult to say whose benefits' these missile strikes serve by looking at the groups involved in Syria; we just have to notice to the recent stances taken by terrorist groups who are destroying Syria and support such foreign attacks."


The Shia cleric further added, "Countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey supported these strikes; the Coalition for Syrian Opposition Forces has also voiced support for US missile attack."


"We remind US government that the world has not forgotten the atrocities and scandals they made in during their war with Iraq. They launched their operation in Iraq based on false accusations that Iraq holds mass destruction weapons. "Head of Vienna's Islamic Center said.


He concluded, "The people of Syria must not be bombed because of false claims made by US that Assad's government has used Chemical weapons; such weapons have been used and stored by terrorist groups in Syria.  It's best for US politicians to think of solutions to their numerous problems in Iraq and Afghanistan instead of launching distant missile attacks on Syria."




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