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Hujjat al-Islam Eskandari:
"More than ۱۶۰۰۰۰ students active in Women Seminaries"
"Today, there are more than ۱۶۰۰۰۰ female students and scholars active in the Iranian female seminaries. They all have a part to play in order to promote the Ahlul Bayt's (as) teachings worldwide," said Deputy of Cultural Affairs at Iranian Women Seminaries.

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) - Speaking at the closing ceremony of the 11th round of the National Quranic Festival for women seminaries in Iran, Hujjat al-Islam Reza Eskandari announced that this round of competition was attended by 13000 participants; "This round of Iranian Quranic competition was enthusiastically attended by numerous female seminary students in different fields and categories," Eskandari said.


The Deputy of Cultural Affairs at Iranian Women Seminaries added, "The Quran is considered as an eternal book for mankind and it's recently been given a even higher priority in Iranian women seminaries; As you can see, we're hosting the 11th round of the national Quranic competition in the city of Qom to award the best Quranic activists."


Elsewhere in his remarks, Hujjat al-Islam Eskandari stressed the mission of women clerics to promote Islamic teachings and said, "Today, there are more than ۱۶۰۰۰۰ female students and scholars active in Iranian women seminaries. They all have a part to play in order to promote Ahlul Bayt's (as) teachings worldwide," Hawzah News quoted him as saying.


"In recent years, the enemies' conspiracies and plots have increased to undermine Islam and Shiism, but if we keep conscious and bring Quran and its invaluable teachings to our lives in order to practice them in our societies, we will be able to resist these plots and preserve our faith," Eskandari concluded.




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