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Daesh Leader Baghdadi Sleeping in Suicide Vest - US Coalition
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi will be hard to capture alive as, according to the intelligence, he is sleeping in a suicide vest, the spokesman for the US-led coalition’s Combined Joint Task Force in Iraq said Tuesday.

Hawzah News Agency - ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi sleeps in a suicide vest, according to the spokesman for the US-led coalition’s Combined Joint Task Force in Iraq, who said the group is under intense aerial and ground bombardment in its Mosul stronghold.
“Typically what we’ve seen with persons of this group is they don’t wish to be captured,” Col. John Dorrian said in a coalition press conference at the Ministry of Peshmerga in Erbil on Tuesday. “So what we’ve heard through intelligence and open sources, and I don’t know if we can verify these, is that he sleeps in a suicide vest, so we’ll

see how that plays out. (Capturing al-Baghdadi) alive is nothing I’d be able to say with any surety.”
In December, the US State Department upped its reward from $10 million to $25 million for information leading to the location, arrest or conviction of the ISIS leader who goes by the alias of al-Baghdadi.
“Al-Baghdadi is in hiding because he knows he’ll be killed when he’s found,” said Dorrian, standing alongside Brig. General Halgurd Hikmat of the Peshmerga ministry; and Brig. General Yehia Rasoul of the Iraqi army.
"Prior to the Mosul operations, ISIS told the civilians that the Iraqi Security Forces would kill them; instead, they’ve protected them… The people of Mosul see through ISIS' lies," Dorrian was quoted as saying.

In late December, US media reported, citing unnamed sources, that the country's authorities were aware of some of al-Baghdadi's movements.

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