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Paris restaurant owner refuses to serve Muslim women
A video has emerged of a Paris restaurant owner chasing two Muslim women with headscarves out of his premises, calling them “terrorists.”

Hawzah News Agency-The footage, filmed by a customer at the posh Le Cenacle restaurant in the Paris suburb of Tremblay-en-France and widely shared on social media, shows the man ranting at the women.

 “Terrorists are Muslims, and all Muslims are terrorists… This is a secular country and I have a right to an opinion… I don’t want people like you here. Full stop,” the man shouts.

The women in turn say they “We do not wish to be served by a racist,” to which the man shouts, “Now get out” as the women leave crying

The video has sparked outrage and widespread calls for protests across France. Members of the local Muslim community gathered outside the restaurant at the weekend to protest the incident.

The Committee against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) offered legal and psychological support to the two young women and denounced the incident as “Islamophobic” which “led to the humiliation of two young Muslim women."

The police have launched an investigation into the case.

The man has reportedly apologized for his behavior, saying he "got out of hand” because he had a friend who had died at the Bataclan concert center attack last November.



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