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Publish Date :    Tuesday, January 8, 2019
We have announced to Ansar Allah that we are ready to provide them with any help/ we will give a “strong” and “appalling” response

In the course of an interview, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi pointed to the present status of the war in Yemen and then stated, “we have announced to our Brothers in Ansar Allah Movement that we are ready to stand by them on all levels, including human, military and etc.”

Hawzah News Agency - The secretary general of al-Nujaba, in a specific interview, carried out by Ettela'at newspaper, described the House of Saud as the “Horn of Satan” and then pointed to the comprehensive program of this Movement for confronting and neutralizing the evil plans of the said Regime.

Regarding the plan of this Movement for confrontation and prevention from the influence of the House of Saud on the political and security developments of Iraq, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi Stated, “Saudi Arabia has changed its method. In the not-distant past, this country supported the ISIS for the destruction of Iraq and asked the ISIS-associated politicians and its mercenaries to be serious in ruining Iraq and prevent from the establishment of security in this country”. 

 “Currently, Saudi Arabia, with its ugly appearance and absurd ideology, still seeks to assume the leadership of the Arab and Muslim countries, and the cause of the negative effect of this country across Iraq is its fear of us and as it sees Iraq as its rival”, he added.  

The high-ranking official of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces then pointed out, “Saudi Regime provided the Takfiri groups with its full supports, including financial and military as well as the void faiths and beliefs; yet those groups failed in their mission; therefore the House of Saud has changed its way, it has established some cultural and service institutions [read Intelligence Institutions] with some charming names and titles, they attempt to spread cultural-ideological Cholera among the youth, and accordingly they are trying to disseminate depravity, however the “Satan” remains the “Satan” even if it makes a beautiful face using make-up and attempts to deceive”. 

Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi named the House of Saud “the Horn of Satan” and then said, “we will fight them on all levels, including cultural and media, so that their dirty plots are uncovered.

*Quds Branch of the Revolutionary Corps: The Elites of a Unique Battle

Answering the question “how the Resistance Movements, such as al-Nujaba, cooperate with Iranian military advisors and Quds Branch of the Revolutionary Corps, and on top of them, General “Qasim Suleimani” in Iraq”, he said, “certainly our brothers in Quds branch of the Revolutionary Corps are the elites of a unique battle with vast experience, and they are also morally superior, thereby we should cooperate with them through a wise and moral manner”. 

He continued, “they are not just advisors, they have provided us with their supports on all levels, and this unique manner has played a significant part in the achievement of victories, the promotion of spirituality and development of the abilities of the Iraqi fighters’. 

*al-Nujaba, along with the Syrian army, will attempt for the liberation of the occupied lands

Answering the questions “whether al-Nujaba is the overseas part of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces or not”, and “what the role of this Movement will be in the future of Syria after the defeat of the terrorists”, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi stated, “al-Nujaba is an independent Movement having a separated and independent existence and its own advocates”.
He added, “all Iraqi Resistance groups were merged and the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Force was formed, and al-Nujaba played an important part in the formation of it, its support and the fight against ISIS (commanded by the head of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces) until the end of the war. Today, the Iraqi Mobilization Forces is a security organisation that is directly related with the Prime Minister of Iraq, and al-Nujaba, the same as other Resistance groups, supports the said organisation and protects its power, ideology and spirituality”.   

Regarding the activities of al-Nujaba in Syria, the top Jihadi Iraqi official said, “we helped the Syrian people in the battle against the Takfiri groups and they deserved that help, as they are a great nation they were wronged, however they haven’t forgotten whatever, our Jihad, attempts, blood and resistance, we did and presented for them”. 

Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi pointed out, “Syrian people have cooperated and treated al-Nujaba forces well up to now, and they still appreciate our attempts. By grace of God, Syria, having the supports of its nation, is a strong country, and it has won its civil war and it will also achieve victory in the future”. 

 “The Syrian nation is resistant and it has an army that has raised the flag of defense of Quds and liberation of the occupied lands, accordingly we will stay in that country and we together will attempt for the liberation of the occupied lands”. 

*the Zionist Regime, the Loser of all Battles

Answering a question on the possibility of the outbreak a war between the Zionist Regime and the Lebanese Hezbollah or Syria in the current era, the secretary general of al-Nujaba said, “the Zionist Regime is weak now, and they have lost the initiative. They are unable to start a war, as they are morally so weak and fragile that they can’t stand against the Resistance, therefore we believe that starting a war against the Lebanese Hezbollah bears the enemy nothing but defeat”. 

Mentioning that “the army of the Zionist Regime is spiritually and ideologically weak and it isn’t loyal to its motherland as it has no homeland”, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi stressed, “we saw that they couldn’t resist more than two days in the battle against the Resistance forces in the Gaza Battle, and if any war outbreaks between the Zionist Regime and Hezbollah, definitely Hezbollah will be its winner”. 

*the Need for Serious Cooperation between the Resistance of Iraq and Palestine

Mentioning that what Resistance groups do across the region should be programmed and coordinated, he stated, “it is highly important that such groups act in a coordinated manner, though they act currently as mentioned. However, the cooperation among the Resistance groups of Iraq and Palestine should be reinforced”. 

The top official of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces then added, “the Zionist Regime, through the technique of soft war and using Takfiri groups fighting as its proxies, much attempted to make division between the Iraqi and Palestinian nations. What mentioned is an old dirty plan that was started from the time of Saddam and was continued by the US after his fall”. 

Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi stated, “I believe that that improving the relations between the Iraqi and Palestinian groups will significantly affect the whole region. At this stage, if we foil the Zionists’ old plan for the separation of Iraq from the Resistance Axis and the Movement of Palestine, it will be sufficient”.

Answering the question on the part of al-Nujaba in the operations conducted by the Iraqi forces against the ISIS groups in some governorates such as Diyala, Saladin and Al Anbar, he said, “in all the mentioned governorates and some others, al-Nujaba played an important and pivotal role and we were present in all the strategic areas where the operations conducted, from the beginning to the end”. 
Saying that “the US and the Saudi and Zionist Regimes insist on the dissolution of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, the secretary general of al-Nujaba added, “inside Iraq, their infamous mercenaries, like ISIS and the politicians associated with that group, follow the said plan”. 

*A clear warning to the US: we have a “strong” and “appalling” response  

Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi pointed out, “if the US forces target the Iraqi fighters (either from Popular Mobilization Forces or others), without any hesitation, we will strongly answer it. Our response won’t only be through missile attacks as they think, and we will go close to them and give them an appalling and appropriate response, as God is our support”. 

About the position of the Iraqi Resistance Groups on confrontation with the economic sanctions of the US against Iran and whatever the central government of Iraq does in observing or not following the said sanctions, he said, “the new government of Iraq will pay no attention to the pressures of the US and it won’t let pressures be inserted on the Iranian nation, as Iranians adopted an “honourable positon” towards Iraq, and the Resistance won’t also allow Iraq to act as a part of the American puzzle, as in the past, they attempted to make Iraq a part of the said puzzle”.

*we are ready to cooperate with Ansar Allah on all levels

The high-ranking Jihadi Iraqi official in another part of the interview, regarding the position of al-Nujaba on the Yemeni developments, given the meeting between a delegation of Ansar Allah and him in Baghdad and the possibility of the military support of this movement for this Yemeni movement in the fight against Saudi Arabia, said, “it is a cruel and savage war that in the course of the war, the enemy (Saudi Arabia) doesn’t observe the fundamentals of the morality and humanity”.

Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi pointed out, “it is strange that the oppressing countries, along with their Arab mercenaries have become united for the destruction of a hapless nation, bombard those innocent people and impose hunger on them. Besides, the silence of international organisations and world public opinion about this issue is awful”

Finally he stated, “regarding the possibility of any military cooperation with Ansar Allah, we believe there some courageous in Yemen that can’t be defeated by the House of Saud, the US and Zionists, however, we have announced to our brothers in Ansar Allah group that we are ready to help them on all levels, including human, military and etc.”