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Publish Date :    Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Imam of South Africa criticized insulting to mosque

A Bo-Kaap imam has criticised organisers of the Tweede Nuwe Jaar parade after photos of minstrels urinating against a mosque’s walls have surfaced.

Hawzah News Agency (Cape Town, South Africa) - Imam Abdul Moutie Saban, religious leader at the Bo-Kaap’s Jameah Masjid in Lower Chiappini Street for the past 40 years, on Monday sent the photos to the Cape Argus. They show minstrels urinating on the mosque’s walls and streams of urine running from a mosque wall.

Saban had warned about the potential for this behaviour before the parade and organisers said they made efforts to provide public toilets.


Saban said: “The organisers should take responsibility for this. We cannot allow this behaviour. This is a sacred place. People who saw this said the minstrels didn’t even take any notice of them when they tried to stop them.”


Saban had also said last month, during a December 16 minstrel event, “half-naked girls” entered local mosques to use the toilets.