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Publish Date :    Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Picture #1

Mid-Sha'ban celebration at Jamkaran mosque



Picture #2

The educational and Jihadi camp of the head of missionaries of the Southern Khorasan



Picture #3

Celebration for Tehrani clerics being granted Turban at Mid-Sha'ban



Picture #4

Unveiling the new flag of the dome of Lady Masouma's (s.a) holy shrine



Picture #5

Members of the Seminary Council meeting with Grand Ayat. Safi and Grand Ayat. Noori Hamedani



Picture #6

Mid-Sha'ban celebration at Jamkaran mosque



Picture #7

Professors of the Islamic seminary of Birjand visiting patients at the Razi hospital



Picture #8

Educational atmosphere of the Imam Khomaini Islamic seminary in Tehran



Picture #9

Funeral procession of shrine-defender martyr in Qom



Picture #10

Convention of missionaries to be sent around the country in the holy month of Ramazan