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Publish Date :    Monday, February 12, 2018
"Plans of enemies fail on the movement of the Iranian people"

The head of the Expediency Council emphasized the need for greater unity and coherence among the Iranian people and authorities and said, "The conspiracies of the enemies have no effect on the movement of the Iranian people."

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) - On the sidelines of the 22 Bahman rally in the holy city of Qom, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi referred to the passionate presence of the Iranian people on the 39th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and said, “To the blind eyes of [the president of the United States, Donald] Trump and other enemies of Islam and Iran, the great epic this year has been more passionate than in the past and it has once again proved that the conspiracies of the enemies to discourage Iran’s combatant and revolutionary people have no effect."

The senior Iranian politician said that the 22 Bahman rallies are a part of the identity of the Iranian people and that this identity is based on our religious principles and stressed, "According to the late Imam Khomeini [the founder of the Islamic Republic], this ceremony is one of the 'Days of God' and leads to the widespread presence of the people, unwavering unity, the authority of the people and the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran."



Ayatollah Hashemi-Shahroudi said that the Islamic Revolution did not only lead to the awakening of the Iranian people but rather it also led to the awakening of the Islamic world and to the growth of the Islamic Resistance, in the region and the world, against the arrogant powers.

He added, "This widespread and passionate presence is indicative of an ever greater increase in unity, solidarity and cohesion among the Iranian people."


Referring to the successive conspiracies by the enemies of the Islamic Revolution and the malicious people against the Iranian nation after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he stated, "The arrogant powers of the world do not understand the truth of our revolution and our establishment and do not correctly understand the people of Iran. God-willing, the rallies this year will lead to the spread of pure Muhammad Islam throughout the Muslim world."

Ayatollah Hashemi-Shahroudi said that the biggest message of the passionate presence of the people in the 22 Bahman rallies this year was the persistence of the Iranian people against the pressures of the enemies and malicious people and added, "Once again, today's 22 Bahman rallies demonstrated that the Iranian people will remain on the path of Islam and the revolution."



His Eminence stated, "If our noble and honourable people have a demand from the authorities, they state that economic problems and other problems will be resolved, God-willing, and the efforts and endeavor of the authorities, along with the people, and the tact and management of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei]."

Each year, millions of Iranians take to the streets across the country on 22 Bahman (the date on the Persian calendar coinciding with the anniversary of the February 11, 1979 Islamic Revolution) to commemorate the victory of the revolution, which put an end to the monarchical rule of the American-backed Pahlavi regime.