Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Hadith of the day:
Imam Ali(pbuh)’s instructions
Imam Ali(pbuh) warns us not to be like some people.
2019/7/23 - 13:45
Hadith of the day:
Wrongdoers can never be compared with the righteous
Based on the word of the holy prophet of Islam, the way of wrongdoers and the righteous is completely separated.
2019/7/22 - 14:05
Hadith of the day:
Little but continuous
Imam Ali(pbuh) compares the little performed continuously with the great amount performed with boredom.
2019/7/21 - 13:35
Ahkam (Islamic laws)
performing actions without doing taqlid
Are the actions performed without doing taqlid valid?
2019/7/20 - 22:35
Hadith of the day:
The best of deeds in the sight of God
The holy prophet mentions some of the most beloved deeds to Allah
2019/7/20 - 13:10
Hadith of the day:
The value of overcoming anger
Whoever suppresses his anger will be rewarded with peace and security on the day of resurrection.
2019/7/19 - 14:05
Hadith of the day:
Wearing clothes to show off
The holy Prophet reproaches those who wear clothes to show off
2019/7/18 - 13:50
Hadith of the day:
Lessons from the cemetery
Lessons mentioned by Imam al-Kazim (pbuh) when standing at a graveside
2019/7/17 - 13:50
Hadith of the day:
The qualities of the ascetic (Zahid)
Imam al-Rida peace be upon him mentions some of the qualities that an ascetic should possess
2019/7/16 - 12:20
Hadith of the day:
The adornment of faith in the eyes of Imam Ali(pbuh)
Imam Ali peace be upon him, knows two things as the adornment of faith
2019/7/15 - 11:18