Wednesday, July 24, 2019
The chairman of al-Nujaba’s political Board:
​Abd al-Mahdi's order is not on merging the IPMF with the army
Talking to “Sobhe No” newspaper, al-Asadi enumerated the advantages of the ۱۰-article order issued by the Iraqi prime minister and then stressed that merging the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (IPMF) with the army is not consistent with the security requirements. "The foreign media, distributing such gossip have attempted to poison the atmosphere for the public thought so that the enemies of Iraq and the IPMF can meet their aims."
2019/7/10 - 13:12
The Israeli Kikar Hashabat NA:
​Al-Nujaba is going to carry out a missile attack against Hakeria in Tel Aviv
The release of the music video “On Latitude ۳۲” was frequently dealt with by the international media, and the Zionists regarded it as a serious threat against Israel.
2019/7/8 - 10:50
Al-Kaabi: security of Iraq is our priority/ Al-Ameri: We ought to establish endurable peace in the region
The leaders of al-Nujaba Movement and Badr Organization met and assessed the latest developments of Iraq and the region.
2019/7/1 - 10:49
The chairman of al-Nujaba’s Executive Council:
​The foundation of IPMF is a turning point in the West Asia’s history/ Baathists are the key members of ISIS
The chairman of al-Nujaba's Executive Council said: Islamic Resistance once managed to oust American occupiers from Iraq, and as retaliation, they founded ISIS and other similar groups. "The Fatwa of the religious sources of Emulation, based in Najaf, prevented from the collapse of the state and turned the lost motivation of the Iraqi people into heroism and the mobilization of the forces."
2019/6/22 - 11:53
The security music video “On latitude ۳۲” to be released on the world Quds day
The title of this music video points to the missile coordinates of Hakeria, the military and strategic centre of the Zionist Regime and it is to be released simultaneously on the domestic and foreign TV channels this year on the world Quds day.
2019/5/28 - 13:22
The chairman of al-Nujaba's Political Board:
Whether the American diplomats don't leave Iraq, the Resistance groups will take the required steps
Sheikh Ali al-Asadi reiterated US threats are made in order to strike fears of Iran into the Arab states and milking them more and the accurate information suggest that no war will occur.
2019/5/25 - 15:13
The chairman of al-Nujaba’s Political Board:
Milking the Saudi Arabia, the US will kill it/ formation of the “Construction Forces” proposed to the Iraqi government
Criticizing the negative part played by the Saudi rulers in the regional developments, al-Asadi announced the proposal given by al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance to the government of Iraq on the formation of “Construction Forces” for resolving the problems of the people.
2019/5/25 - 07:08
The chairman of the Executive Council of al-Nujaba:
We fight U.S until the end of the occupation/ We are completely ready to respond to any aggression
Pointing to the excuse-makings of the US for growing insecurity in the region and Iraq, the deputy secretary general of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance stressed the readiness of the Movement for responding to the any hostile act of aggression by the US.
2019/5/20 - 13:30
The strong response of al-Nujaba to the Chargé d'Affaires of the US in Iraq
After Joey Hood claim on the financial supports of the Iraqi Resistance by the IRGC for preventing the refugees from returning to their own cities, al-Nujaba pointed out that the US, using such false claims, attempts to provoke the public opinion and challenge the nationalism of this Movement.
2019/5/6 - 11:59
Al-Nujaba’s Relief Convoy Reached Karun and Kut Abdollah (Photos)
The fighters of al-Nujaba, on the second day of its serving the Iranian flood-stricken people in Khuzestan, distributed foodstuffs in Karun and Kut Abdollah.
2019/4/16 - 16:13