Sunday, July 21, 2019
Israel to open foreign ministry office in Oman
Speaking at the Herzliya Conference on Monday, Yossi Cohen said “Just recently, renewal of formal relations with Oman was declared and the establishment of a representative office of the foreign ministry .
2019/7/2 - 22:30
The chairman of the Executive Council of al-Nujaba:
We fight U.S until the end of the occupation/ We are completely ready to respond to any aggression
Pointing to the excuse-makings of the US for growing insecurity in the region and Iraq, the deputy secretary general of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance stressed the readiness of the Movement for responding to the any hostile act of aggression by the US.
2019/5/20 - 13:30
Israeli court sentences Palestinian poet to ۵ months in jail
An Israeli court has sentenced a Palestinian poet to five months in prison for posting a poem on her social media accounts in support of resistance against the occupying regime.
2018/7/31 - 21:30