Sunday, July 21, 2019
Nasrallah: Israel within range of Hezbollah’s missiles
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks during a televised interview with Hezbollah’s al-Manar television on Friday on the occasion of the ۱۳th anniversary of the Second Lebanon War .
2019/7/13 - 17:00
Hamas will continue actions against US deal of century: Official
Khalil al-Hayya said he believed Palestinians were capable of confronting and thwarting all attempts to liquidate their national cause.
2019/7/7 - 00:00
Hezbollah, Palestinian delegation discuss means of frustrating ‘Deal of the Century’ Plan
The meeting discussed the means of frustrating the ‘Deal of the Century’ plot and supporting the Palestinians .
2019/7/6 - 01:23
Abbas: 'Deal of Century' to fail just like US-Led conference in Bahrain
"Deal of the Century has ended and will fail just like the Manama forum, which began with [White House Senior Adviser Jared] Kushner's speech .
2019/7/5 - 00:01
Professor at a conference entitled “The United States and the Crimes of the Century”:‎
The Deal of the Century ‎is an ominous plan to engage Muslim countries in conflict
Speaking at a conference entitled “The United States and the Crimes of the Century” ‎that was held on the occasion of the American Human Rights Week and with the initiative of ‎the International Assembly of Muslim Teachers at Amirkabir .
2019/7/4 - 11:30
Baghdad Friday prayer leader:
Deal of the Century is to give Israel the key to becoming the power of the region
Baghdad Friday prayer leader, Ayatollah Sayyed Yasin Mousavi stated, “The conditions of the region are so critical, and we should be vigilant in this regard.
2019/7/2 - 08:09
Top-rank member of Hezbollah said:
“Deal of the Century” won’t be accepted by Muslim and Arab countries
.Hujjat al-Islam Sheikh Ali Daamoush, the deputy chairman of the Lebanese Hezbollah’s Executive Council, making a speech, pointed to Manama Meeting
2019/6/30 - 19:30
Official: Deal of Century to Adversely Free Palestine
In a meeting with a group of families of Iranian martyrs on Thursday, Rayeesi said that “Deal of Century” is doomed to failure
2019/6/29 - 22:30
Sheikh Yousef an-Naseri:
Manama meeting is geared towards protecting the remnants of the Zionist regime in the region
The deputy secretary general of Nujaba Islamic Movement stated, “The Zionist project is at the end of the line, and Manama Meeting, as the first step of the Deal of the Century, is geared towards maintaining the remnants of this project.”
2019/6/27 - 18:30
Islamic Ummah world assembly condemned deal of the century
The Islamic Ummah World Assembly, issuing a statement, condemned the colonial Deal of the Century.
2019/6/27 - 16:35