Thursday, July 18, 2019
Director of Hawzah Ilmiyya of Yazd:
"Yazd scholars will be sent for Arba'een March"
Director of Yazd's Hawzah Ilmiyya referring to the slogan of this year, "Every Talabe, an Ambassador'' said: The passionate presence of Muslims in Arba'een Hossaini is destroying the conspiracy of the enemies.
2018/10/9 - 13:52
Cultural deputy of Yazd's women seminaries:
About ۹۰۰ female scholars answer religious doubts in Yazd
Cultural deputy of Yazd's women seminaries said, "Currently ۲۲ women seminaries at high school, undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D levels are active in all cities of the Yazd province."
2018/5/8 - 19:47