Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Saudis commit new massacre against Yemeni people
Jet fighters of the Saudi-led military coalition targeted Yemeni fishing boats in the Red Sea off the western coast of the country, killing ۱۸ fishermen, Almasirah news network reported Tuesday.
2018/9/19 - 15:25
Terrorist groups target military airport in Hama
Terrorist groups targeted with rocket shells the military airport, Arzeh village and al-Moallemin (teachers) Park in Hama City.
2018/9/11 - 23:00
Police arrest Westminster crash attacker on terrorism suspicions
Investigators have revealed details about the man behind Tuesday's car crash that targeted the British Parliament, saying he in being questioned on suspicion of terrorism.
2018/8/16 - 05:05
Israeli military targets Syrian fighter jet over occupied Golan Heights
Israeli military forces have targeted a Syrian Air Force fighter jet over the Golan Heights as it was flying in Syria’s airspace and conducting a series of airstrikes against the positions of foreign-sponsored Takfiri militants in the occupied territories.
2018/7/25 - 01:15
Israel targets Hamas position in Gaza Strip only hours after truce
Israeli artillery units have targeted a position of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement in the Gaza Strip only hours after it was announced that the Tel Aviv regime had reached a truce with Palestinian factions in the besieged coastal enclave.
2018/7/21 - 22:25
Israeli tanks, aircraft attack besieged Gaza Strip
Israel has targeted the northern part of the Gaza Strip with tanks and unmanned aircraft in yet another act of aggression against the besieged Palestinian sliver.
2018/3/15 - 22:00
Bomb attack targets Palestinian PM's convoy in Gaza Strip
A bomb explosion has targeted the convoy of Palestinian Prime Minister upon his entrance into the besieged Gaza Strip for a visit. Hamas condemned the attack, saying it was aimed at undermining the security of the Gaza Strip and the unity of the Palestinians.
2018/3/13 - 19:15