Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Ayat. Modarresi hails Lady Fatima (as)
“This noble lady is considered as the pillar of Prophet Muhammad’s (as) house as Allah almighty mentions her name as the first person in Hadith Kasa; this goes to prove the eminent status of Lady Fatima (as) at the side of Allah almighty.” said Ayatollah Modarresi.
2018/3/12 - 18:12
Deputy general secretary of Hezbollah :
Hezbollah is a firm defense against the Zionists
Hezbollah is a firm and solid barrier in the way of America and the Zionists and they will have no other option but to retreat.
2018/3/11 - 12:00
Leader forgives, commutes sentences of convicted inmates
Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran pardoned and commuted the prison terms of a number of inmates.
2018/3/11 - 00:00