Sunday, July 21, 2019
L’Autriche veut refuser automatiquement l’asile à tous les migrants arrivant en Europe avec l’aide de passeurs
Hawzah/ Tous les migrants qui arrivent en Europe avec l’aide de trafiquants d’êtres humains se verront automatiquement refuser l’asile en Autriche, selon de nouvelles directives révélées par ministre de l’Intérieur.
2018/12/27 - 11:30
FM Zarif: Iran to raise enrichment if EU acts passively
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran could increase uranium enrichment should the European Union continue to act passively in the wake of the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.
2018/9/15 - 22:00
Anti-Islam Dutch lawmaker says no more blasphemous caricatures
Dutch lawmaker and anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders said he has no plans, for now, to revive the blasphemous caricatures contest after it emerged as a motive for a stabbing in Amsterdam last week.
2018/9/9 - 18:00
EU calls on Saudis to clarify women rights activists' detentions
The EU has called on Saudi Arabia to clarify on the circumstances concerning the detentions of women rights activists.
2018/8/12 - 17:15
UN, EU urge Israel to stop demolition of Palestinian village
The European Union(EU) and the United Nations(UN) have called on the Israeli regime to halt its plan to raze a village belonging to Palestinian Bedouin families in the occupied West Bank, saying such actions are contrary to international law and undermine peace efforts.
2018/7/5 - 20:00
European Union backs East Quds as Palestinian capital
The European Union has assured President Mahmoud Abbas that the ۲۸-nation bloc supports Palestinians’ bid to have East Jerusalem al-Quds as capital of their future state.
2018/1/24 - 02:00
Abbas calls EU to recognize Palestinian state in response to Trump’s el-Quds decision
Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, will demand the European Union to recognize the state of Palestine in a near meeting with the bloc.
2018/1/22 - 17:30