Sunday, August 19, 2018
Iran condemns terrorist operation in Jordan
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi condemned the terrorist operation in Jordan which claimed the lives of ۴ and injured ۱۸ more.
2018/8/15 - 22:00
Religious scholar killed in West Afghanistan
A religious scholar was assassinated last night by unknown people, which made people react, said the spokesman of Afghanistan's Herat Province.
2018/6/23 - 22:30
Hezbollah: US-Israeli-Saudi plan against Region lost to failure
A high-ranking official at the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement deplored policies adopted by the US, Israeli and Saudi regimes against regional nations and said their joint plot will be foiled by the nations’ resistance.
2018/6/16 - 23:35
Hezbollah condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza Strip
In a statement, Hezbollah Movement condemned the Zionist regime's attack on Gaza Strip and hailed the courageous operations of the Gazan people.
2018/5/31 - 19:00
Palestinian journalists condemn bill that bans filming Israeli troops
Palestinian journalists have condemned a controversial Israeli bill that criminalizes any photographing, recording or filming of the regime’s troops while on duty.
2018/5/29 - 18:15
Iraq's Hakim urges UN's decisive stance on 'callous slaughter' of Palestinians
Leader of Iraq's National Wisdom Movement strongly condemned Israel for the recent killing of Palestinians near the Gaza border and called on the United Nations to adopt a decisive stance on the cold-blooded massacre.
2018/5/17 - 20:20
Iran condemns deadly attack on Shia mosque in South Africa
Iran has strongly condemned a recent attack on a Shia mosque near the eastern South African port city of Durban that killed one and injured several others.
2018/5/12 - 17:00
Iranian foreign ministry: Israeli attacks on Syria meant to prop up terrorists
Iran has condemned Israel's recent attack on Syria, calling it an attempt by the main supporter of Syrian terrorist groups to retaliate their many defeats against the government of Syrian President Bashar as-Assad
2018/5/11 - 21:00
Allama Sajid condemns Shia genocide in Quetta, Pakistan
Shia Ulema Council chief has condemned recent unabated targeted murders of innocent Shia Muslims in Quetta and Dera Ismail Khan, demanded immediate action to eliminate terrorists.
2018/4/30 - 20:20
SUC urges Muslims unity under Imam Khamenei leadership against US plots
Shia Ulema Council (SUC) Punjab chapter’s outgoing president Allama Syed Sibtain Kazmi has condemned the three-countries missile attack on Damascus saying that it was an unpardonable crime.
2018/4/21 - 05:05