Monday, June 25, 2018
Report: Bin Salman, Netanyahu met secretly in Amman
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have held secret meetings in Amman.
2018/6/23 - 17:00
Israeli 'crime minister' Netanyahu to be quizzed by police
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has earned the nickname "crime minister" is to attend a police interrogation session in a high-profile corruption case. For many months now, thousands of Israelis have been holding weekly protests against the premier, urging him to resign.
2018/6/13 - 01:00
Zarif relates Netanyahu to 'the boy who cried wolf'
Iranian Foreign Minister says that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is like the boy who cries wolf after he repeats old allegations concerning Iran's nuclear activities.
2018/5/1 - 15:15
Israeli PM confirms 'extraordinary' anti-Iran alliance with Arab states
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hailed close ties between Tel Aviv and some Arab countries, saying that Iran is one of the common concerns of the “extraordinary” alliance.
2018/1/27 - 17:00
Muslims protest Netanyahu visit to India
Scores of Muslims took part in a rally in New Delhi to say "no" to Zionist regime's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's trip to India.
2018/1/14 - 15:55
Hamas, Fatah warn Israel after vote for 'sovereignty over settled expanses'
Hamas has reacted strongly to a vote by Israeli Prime Minister Party to apply Israeli "sovereignty" to parts of the occupied Palestinian territory of the West Bank.
2018/1/1 - 19:00