Thursday, April 25, 2019
Muslim bloc blames Israel for Gazan prisoner’s death
Organization for Islamic Cooperation condemns death of Palestinian prisoner in Israeli custody
2019/2/8 - 22:30
Erdoğan praises Maduro for building bridge with Islamic world
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday praised his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro for attending attending the extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Jerusalem in May, noting his efforts in building a bridge with the Islamic world at a time of heightened Islamophobia were invaluable, Haberler news site reported.
2018/12/4 - 18:00
OIC condemns Dutch plan for offensive cartoon contest
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) slammed a sacrilegious cartoon completion planned in Netherlands.
2018/8/30 - 17:30
OIC member states underline protection of Palestinians against Israeli crimes
Heads of Muslim states who gathered in Turkey for a special summit on recent Israeli massacre Gazans called for an international force to be deployed to protect Palestinian people against Israeli crimes.
2018/5/19 - 19:00
Muslims to make up ۸% of Europe population in ۲۰۳۰
The Muslim population of Europe will rise to ۸ percent and of the United States to ۲.۱ percent by ۲۰۳۰, according to Global Muslim Diaspora Report released.
2018/5/13 - 22:22
Iran’s Tabriz celebrates recognition as tourism capital of Muslim world
Iran has inaugurated the biggest tourism event of Muslims states in the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz to mark the recognition of the city as the tourism capital of the Islamic World in ۲۰۱۸.
2018/4/25 - 22:00
Larijani stresses further expansion of ties with Muslim States
Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underlined the necessity for the further broadening of relations and cooperation with the Muslim states.
2018/1/17 - 19:20
Leader: US 'arrant erring' on al-Quds fruitless
"US is overstepping its bounds in recognizing Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s “capital" and planning to move its embassy there, adding that the measures are in vain," pointed out Leader of the Islamic Revolution.
2018/1/17 - 18:25
UN slammed Myanmar to end crackdown on Rohingya Muslims
The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has called on Myanmar government to put an end to violence against Rohingya Muslims.
2017/12/25 - 23:30
Muslim leaders discuss al-Quds at OIC crisis summit in Turkey
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) convenes an urgent summit in Istanbul on Washington’s contentious declaration on Jerusalem al-Quds, with the Turkish foreign minister urging Muslim nations to respond by pressing the world for the recognition of the city as the capital of a Palestinian state.
2017/12/13 - 19:50