Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Quranic circles held for Hajj Pilgrims in Medina
Some ۸۶۰۰۰ Hajj pilgrims attended ۲۴۵ Quranic circles held in the past few weeks at different halls of the Nabawi Mosque (The Prophet's Mosque) in the holy city of Medina.
2018/8/13 - 00:00
Official: Iran attaches importance to safety of Hajj Pilgrims
A senior Iranian Hajj official underlined that the issue of security of Iranian pilgrims during the upcoming Hajj is of paramount importance for the country.
2018/7/11 - 13:44
Ancient Quranic fonts to be digitized
Old Arabic scripts are distinguished by their beauty and diversity, and the Makki and Madani scripts were the most prominent versions throughout history.
2018/5/7 - 21:30
Mecca, Medinah Imams fell quiet on Jerusalem
The Saudi imams of the Grand Mosques in Mecca and Medinah turned a blind eye to the situation in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque during their Friday sermons.
2017/12/11 - 22:45