Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Macron: French Imams should be trained at Egypt’s Al-Azhar
French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday met with the Grand Imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, Ahmed Al-Tayeb, during which he called for all French Imams to be trained at the religious institution.
2019/1/30 - 17:24
Al-Azhar to hold International course for training Imams
The ۱۱۷th edition of an international course for training preachers and imams will be held at Al-Azhar Islamic center in Egypt.
2018/7/16 - 18:00
Al-Azhar :Demands to omit Quran verses lead to terrorism
Demands for the Quran to be altered by omitting some verses are “one of the causes of terrorism”, the Grand Mufti of Egypt’s Al-Azhar, Ahmed El-Tayeb, warned.
2018/6/13 - 21:30
Egypt's Al-Azhar condemns French call to omit verses of Quran
Egypt's Al-Azhar Islamic Center denounced calls by several prominent French figures to omit verses from the Quran.// "The Quran does not call for murder but it calls for fighting back against hostile people instead."
2018/4/29 - 22:30
Egyptian Scholar urges promoting interfaith dialogue
Highlighting the Quranic view on interfaith dialogue, Sheikh Abdul Salam Muhammad added, "Such dialogues among religions do not weaken Islamic faith, rather they promote our religion and strengthen our belief since Quranic verses invite Muslims to engage in dialogues."
2018/4/17 - 12:56
Ayat. Modarresi receives Al-Azhar Scholars;
"Quranic teachings will soon prevail over the world"
"The world is in need of Quranic teachings and soon the holy Quran will prevail over the whole world." said Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Taqi Modarresi.
2018/2/5 - 12:21
Al-Azhar scholars met with Custodian of Imam Hussein Shrine
A group of scholars from Al-Azhar University met with Sheikh Mahdi al-Karbalayi, custodian of Imam Hussain (as) shrine in the city of Karbala on Tuesday, January ۳۰.
2018/1/31 - 11:19
Ayat. Hakim receives Al-Azhar Scholars
Senior Iraqi cleric received a seminary delegation from Egypt's Al-Azhar University in his office in Najaf on Tuesday, January ۳۰.
2018/1/30 - 14:35
Egyptian church bells ring for Mosque attack victims
Mosques hold prayers, Coptic Orthodox churches ring bells for over ۳۰۰ victims of Friday's mosque attack in North Sinai.
2017/11/26 - 17:15