Sunday, October 21, 2018
Forum on 'Linguistic lnterpretation of Quran' planned in Berlin
The Iranian Cultural Center in Germany will organize a forum to investigate the "linguistic interpretation of the Holy Quran”.
2018/7/18 - 16:40
Founder of Shia Islamic centers in Europe passed away / pics
Hujjat al-Islam Sheikh Safar Joushghun, Friday Imam and the head of the Islamic Center of Imam Ja'far Sadiq (A.S.) in Germany, passed away.
2018/7/14 - 16:15
Iranian professional teaching Quran in Berlin
The Dar-ol-Quran of the Islamic Center of Berlin in Germany holds weekly Quran teaching sessions.
2018/5/14 - 10:00
Shia studies International conference scheduled in Berlin
The second edition of a Shia studies international conference in Germany titled "Science, Ethics and Art in Shia World with a Focus on Medina" is planned to be held on October ۱۹-۲۰ in Berlin.
2018/4/26 - 03:00
Berlin Islamic center hosts Quran contest
A Quran competition was held in the Islamic Center of Berlin this week.
2018/3/12 - 02:00
Seminary Scholars attend Shia Workshop in Berlin, Germany
Workshop called "A Thousand-Year Shia School" was held in Berlin, Germany and it was attended by several Iranian Shia scholars.
2017/10/9 - 10:46
Berlin Hosts Workshop Featuring Quran
A workshop titled “The Essene of the Quran” was held in the German capital of Berlin on Saturday.
2017/9/17 - 17:00