Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Tenue de la Conférence internationale de la Paix et de la Justice en Iran
Hawzah/ La Conférence internationale de la Paix et de la Justice sera tenue d’ici trois mois (entre la fin de février et la mi-mars ۲۰۱۹) en Iran.
2018/12/30 - 14:00
Ayatollah Khamenei pardons ۱,۰۸۶ Iranian prisoners
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei pardoned or commuted prison terms of ۱,۰۸۶ Iranian prisoners sentenced by various courts in the Islamic Republic.
2018/11/24 - 18:30
Iranians hold funeral for victims of Ahvaz terrorist attack
Masses of Iranian people and government officials have taken part in a funeral procession for the victims of Saturday's terrorist attack in Iran's southwestern city of Ahvaz.
2018/9/24 - 19:55
Australian coroner's report: Iranian refugee death preventable
Australia's Queensland coroner said the death of Iranian refugee in Manus Island was preventable, an Australian broadcaster reported on Monday.
2018/7/30 - 18:00
Iran's Noor group to hold Quranic programs in Hajj
Iran's Quranic Noor (light) Quranic Convoy that will be sent to Saudi Arabia next month will hold various Quranic programs during Hajj.
2018/7/12 - 07:04
Official: Iran attaches importance to safety of Hajj Pilgrims
A senior Iranian Hajj official underlined that the issue of security of Iranian pilgrims during the upcoming Hajj is of paramount importance for the country.
2018/7/11 - 13:44
Iranian Official stresses planning for Hajj
An Iranian official urged the country’s Hajj pilgrims to have precise planning to make the most of their pilgrimage.
2018/7/7 - 20:20
Iranian official urges hajjis to make most of Pilgrimage
The representative of Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs called on Iranian pilgrims who are going to make the pilgrimage this year to make the most of the spiritual journey.
2018/6/30 - 15:34
Qom to host gathering of Hajj clerics
A national meeting of the clerics set to attend this year’s Hajj to help Iranian pilgrims in performing their Hajj rituals will be held in the holy city of Qom on Thursday.
2018/4/24 - 22:00
Ayatollah Khamenei:
Increased attacks are due to enemies’ fear of Iran's increasing power
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution met with senior commanders of the Iranian Armed Forces .
2018/4/9 - 12:25