Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Qom’s Society of Seminary teachers condemns clashes at al-Aqsa mosque
Jerusalem al-Quds and the holy al-Aqsa mosque have always belonged to Islam and Palestinians and will do so in future; the illegitimate Israeli regime must beware that their fate is nothing but humiliation and indignity. the statement read.
2017/7/30 - 11:58
Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani congratulates liberation of al-Aqsa Mosque
Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani issued a congratulatory message on the liberation of al-Aqsa Mosque.
2017/7/28 - 20:09
Sayyed Nasrallah: We are on verge of massive victory
Hezbollah Secretary General saluted the Palestinian people who are defending Al-Aqsa mosque and drawing the path to a new victory. "In Flita outskirts there was a joint battle along with the Syrian Army until the whole area was liberated, and in the Syrian territories there are no more Al-Nusra elements..
2017/7/27 - 23:07