Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Palestinians receive ۱۰ tonnes of letters Israel withheld for ۸ years
Palestinian people living in the Israeli-occupied West Bank are set to receive a special delivery of some ۱۰.۵ tonnes of letters and postal packages that the Tel Aviv regime had kept for up to eight years.
2018/8/20 - 00:00
Israeli regime's relentless assault on Palestinian education and culture continues
Israeli regime has completely shut down a Palestinian university in Jerusalem amid a series of assaults on academic freedom.
2018/7/26 - 23:00
Iran: Palestine, Muslim nations will eventually eliminate Israeli apartheid
The Iranian Foreign Ministry says Palestinian people, Muslim countries and "freedom-seeking nations" will eventually "eradicate" the racism propagated by the Israeli regime in the occupied Palestinian territories as the "era of racial discrimination and apartheid" has come to an end.
2018/7/21 - 15:15
Israël a arrêté ۶۵۱ enfants palestiniens depuis le début de ۲۰۱۸
Hawzah/ Les forces d’occupation israéliennes ont arrêté ۳۵۳۳ Palestiniens des territoires occupés depuis le début de ۲۰۱۸, comme l’ont montré les statistiques officielles de plusieurs organisations palestiniennes pour les droits humains.
2018/7/19 - 18:49
Larijani: Israel fearful of resistance power
Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the awareness and resistance of the Palestinian people have worried the Zionist regime as it has realized that its security is fragile.
2018/6/8 - 21:10
OIC member states underline protection of Palestinians against Israeli crimes
Heads of Muslim states who gathered in Turkey for a special summit on recent Israeli massacre Gazans called for an international force to be deployed to protect Palestinian people against Israeli crimes.
2018/5/19 - 19:00
Gazans defy Israeli tanks, snipers in 'Great March of Return'
Thousands of Palestinians march near the Gaza fence where Israel has positioned tanks and snipers for fear of mass attempts to break through the barrier. Early Friday, Israeli shelling killed a Palestinian farmer just hours before the launch of the protests.
2018/3/30 - 17:35
Hamas: normalizing the relations with Zionist regime 'unforgivable sin'
Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas in a statement condemned normalization of relations with the Israeli occupying regime calling it a desperate attempt to penetrate into the awareness of people and an unforgivable sin.
2018/3/7 - 18:00
"We will foil deal of the century, Jerusalem our capital"
Former Head of Hamas's Political bureau emphasized that Palestinians will foil Washington's plan to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Occupied Jerusalem.
2018/2/25 - 23:45
Ayat. Nabulsi urges arming Palestinians
"Arming the Palestinians in West Bank must be considered as a top priority in upcoming future." said Ayatollah al-Nabulsi.
2018/2/21 - 11:41