Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Ayat. Alavi Gorgani advises:
"Muslims not to get involved in materialistic desires"
"Holy prophets and Ahlul Bayt (as) are regarded as leaders in societies, their purpose of mission was to guide mankind towards felicity in life; these holy figures went through so much hardship in life only to help humanity reach felicity in life and hereafter." said the senior Shia cleric
2018/2/14 - 12:02
Ayat. Alavi Gorgani:
"Ahlulbayt's lifestyle a good model for society"
"Ahlulbayt (as) advised us to make sacrifices whenever our religion is in danger, even if we have to sacrifice our lives for that holy purpose. Our holy Ahlulbayt (as) did so as they sacrificed their lives for the cause of religion and to preserve Islam." said the senior Shia cleric.
2018/2/5 - 09:33
Ayat. Alavi Gorgani warns cyber threats against Muslim beliefs
"Today, the enemy is using cyber space to advance its conspiracies against religion and Muslims, so it's essential for the authorities to address such threats and make practical efforts to neutralize them." said senior Shia cleric.
2018/1/31 - 12:13
Ayat. Alavi Gorgani: Dignity of believers lies in obedience to Allah
“The journey that you young students have begun is the journey that holy prophets and Allah’s most beloved people have taken. They have made efforts to promote moral virtues and divine values in the world.” Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani said.
2018/1/2 - 14:38
Ayat. Alavi Gorgani receives Iranian youth in Qom
"Many of the prominent figures, who have reached high levels of success in life, made great progress during their young days since it is the prime of one's life."
2017/12/10 - 16:51
Ayat. Alavi Gorgani voices support for Palestine
"Muslim countries must stand united and help other nations, but unfortunately, we see that some countries are under the impression of colonial powers and they do not support the oppressed nations. Those politicians who claim to be the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques must try to help the oppressed and do not cooperate with enemies of Islam," said the senior Shia cleric
2017/10/24 - 15:38
Ayat. Alavi Boroujerdi:
"Wahhabism has nothing to do with Sunni Islam"
"We hope that all divine religions join their efforts to spread peace worldwide, to help eradicate poverty, hunger, oppression and discrimination all around the world." // "We consider Wahhabism as a major threat to the Islamic world; dirty hands of the enemy are at play to sow discord among Islamic sects," said the seminary lecturer.
2017/8/24 - 12:50
Head of Iranian Seminaries receives Lebanese Scholars;
"Iran highlights Unity of Islamic Community"
Ayatollah Alireza Arafi, head of Iranian Seminaries, met with a group of Lebanese Muslim scholars in Qom during which he emphasized on the unity of Islamic Ummah.
2017/7/11 - 00:30