Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Ayat. Alavi Gorgani:
"Ahlulbayt's lifestyle a good model for society"
"Ahlulbayt (as) advised us to make sacrifices whenever our religion is in danger, even if we have to sacrifice our lives for that holy purpose. Our holy Ahlulbayt (as) did so as they sacrificed their lives for the cause of religion and to preserve Islam." said the senior Shia cleric.
2018/2/5 - 09:33
Ayatollah Khamenei:
Wherever needed, to confront U.S. regime and Zionism, we will help
"We, explicitly, declare that the Islamic Republic of Iran will help, wherever it's presence needed, to confront disbelief and arrogance: we will not compromise with anyone when expressing this," said the Leader of the Islamic Revolution
2017/11/23 - 15:22
Muslims forgave man for vandalizing their mosque, invited him to visit
The leaders of the Ahlul Bayt Islamic Center submitted a written statement of forgiveness to be read aloud at the sentencing hearing for a man who pleaded guilty of vandalizing their mosque.
2017/11/21 - 12:10
Ayat. Bashir al-Najafi hails pilgrimage to Ahlulbayt’s shrines
Different groups of Shia Muslims from Wasit Governorate, Saudi Arabia as well as Azerbaijan Republic met with senior Iraqi cleric Grand Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi in his office. I hope that pilgrimage to Ahlulbayt’s shrines provides an opportunity for us to seek proximity to almighty Allah.”
2017/8/30 - 15:19
Senior cleric urges youth to act on Quran, Ahlul Bayt (as) teachings
During the meeting, Grand Ayatollah Hakim advised Iraqi youth to adhere to Islamic teachings based on Quran and Ahl-ul-Bayt's (as) doctrine.
2017/8/26 - 10:50
Grand Ayatollah al-Najafi:
"Enemies are seeking conspiracies against Islam"
"Our youth and officials must be careful about the imported and foreign ideas since some enemies are seeking conspiracies against Islam and Iraq," said senior Iraqi cleric. //The fight against ISIS (or Daesh) terrorists must also continue on the battle fields until they're totally destroyed."
2017/8/5 - 18:15
Grand Ayat. Safi receives Officials of Radio Maaref
"Genuine Teachings of the Ahlul Bayt (as) must be promoted"
"Islamic teachings as well as Ahlul bayt's (as) doctrine are genuinely original and they must be broadcasted through media including Radio Maaref."said Grand Ayatollah Safi.
2017/7/18 - 11:13
KSA crimes stem in their hatred toward Ahlul-Bayt
Ayatollah Saidi said that the crimes that are being committed today by Saudi Arabia and the misguided Wahhabi sect against Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq and Syria are all due to their hatred toward the Ahlul-Bayt and pure Muhammadan Islam of which the Islamic Republic of Iran is the flagbearer of today.
2017/7/9 - 18:25