Monday, November 19, 2018
Iraqi scholar linked to Basra protests killed
Iraq: Iraqi police say a Muslim religious scholar has been killed outside his home after he suggested that demonstrators should take up arms over poor public services in Basra.
2018/11/18 - 16:15
۶ Palestinians, Hamas commander killed by Israeli army in Gaza Strip
A fresh wave of fighting erupted between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, leaving an Israeli trooper and seven Palestinians dead, just as Israel and Gaza's Hamas rulers had appeared to be making progress toward ratcheting down months of border violence.
2018/11/12 - 16:00
Record ۴۳۵ Afghans killed or wounded in legislative poll: UN
More than ۴۰۰ Afghans were killed or wounded in poll-related violence during three days of voting last month, the United Nations said, making the parliamentary ballot the deadliest on record.
2018/11/6 - 18:30
۱۳ killed in Taliban attack on Afghan checkpoint
The Taliban launched an attack early Monday on a newly established joint Afghan army and police checkpoint in eastern Ghazni province, killing at least ۱۳ soldiers and policemen, according to a provincial official.
2018/11/5 - 20:20
Daesh kills ۳ Iraq village chiefs in a week: officials
Daesh regularly stages attacks in villages in the provinces of Diyala, Salahuddin and Kirkuk, and elsewhere, targeting officials or police because they work for the state.
2018/11/3 - 20:20
Iraqi policeman killed in Islamic State attack on police patrol in Kirkuk
An Iraqi policeman was killed late Saturday in an attack by Islamic State militants in al Riyadh district in the oil-rich province of Kirkuk, a security source was quoted as saying on Sunday.
2018/10/28 - 22:30
Iraqi army arrests mastermind bomber that killed ۶ last week
Iraqi forces arrested the mastermind of a suicide bombing that killed six people in northern Iraq last week, according to an Iraqi police officer on Sunday.
2018/10/28 - 20:31
Saudi Arabia's narrative of Khashoggi's murder sparks international skepticism
Saudi Arabia's explanation of how dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside the kingdom's Istanbul consulate has been greeted with international skepticism.
2018/10/21 - 23:00
One killed, ۳ injured as Taliban raid top US general's meeting
One of Afghanistan's most powerful security officials has been killed and two Americans injured in a shooting at a high-level security meeting in Afghanistan, attended by top US commander General Scott Miller.
2018/10/18 - 19:35
۷ Palestinians killed, ۱۱۲ injured by Israeli fire
At least seven Palestinians have been killed and ۱۱۲ others injured by Israeli fire during anti-occupation protests at the border of the besieged Gaza Strip with the occupied territories.
2018/10/13 - 07:45