Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Visually-impaired German girl looking to memorize entire Quran
A visually-impaired German girl who has learned to read the Quran seeks to memorize the entire Holy Book.
2018/7/10 - 23:30
Bangladeshi boy memorizes Quran in ۸۶ days
An ۱۱-year-old boy in Bangladesh managed to learned the entire Quran by heart in just ۸۶ days. Bangladesh is a South Asian country where memorizing the Quran is very common among the younger generation
2017/10/15 - 23:00
۷۰-Year-Old Jordanian Quran Memorizer Honored
In a ceremony attended by Jordan’s Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Minister, a ۷۰-year-old woman who has memorized the entire Quran was lauded for her achievement.
2017/9/21 - 18:21
Mother, Her Twins Memorize Entire Quran
A young Iranian mother and her twins have managed to learn the entire Quran by heart.
2017/9/18 - 20:32
۹-year-old blind boy in Egypt learning Quran
A ۹-year-old visually-impaired boy in Egypt has managed to memorize ۲۶ of the ۳۰ Juzes (parts) of the Quran and is set to complete memorizing the entire Holy Book soon.
2017/6/18 - 18:07