Thursday, January 24, 2019
About ۶۰ Afghan forces killed in clashes with Taliban
Scores of Afghan security forces and Taliban militants have been killed in separate clashes in northern Afghanistan, officials say.
2018/9/11 - 17:30
At least ۱۰۰ Afghan forces killed in battle with Taliban in Ghazni
Four days of fierce fighting between Afghan forces and Taliban militants over the embattled provincial capital of Ghazni have claimed the lives of about ۱۰۰ policemen and soldiers, as well as at least ۲۰ civilians.
2018/8/14 - 01:30
Taliban raid Ghazni, seize parts of central Afghan city
Heavy fighting is underway in the Afghan provincial capital of Ghazni following an attack by Taliban militants, with gunfire and blasts ringing out across the city and residents told to stay indoors.
2018/8/11 - 05:05
Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman:
"US, NATO main sponsors of Taliban, trade of narcotics in Afghanistan"
Russia has accused the US military of being the chief sponsor of Taliban militants in Afghanistan, saying that during the active presence of US-led NATO forces in the country, the production and distribution of narcotics had drastically surged there.
2018/7/13 - 22:20
Taliban kill ۱۶ police, ۲ civilians in western Afghanistan
Taliban militants in Afghanistan have killed at least ۱۶ police officers and two civilians in the western province of Badghis, officials announced.
2018/6/22 - 23:25
Taliban kill ۳۰ Afghan soldiers in ۱st major raid after truce
Taliban militants have launched multiple attacks in western Afghanistan, capturing a military base and killing at least ۳۰ soldiers, only two days after the militants announced the end of a three-day ceasefire.
2018/6/21 - 03:00
Afghan Taliban attack police HQs despite government truce
Taliban militants in Afghanistan have launched an attack on a district in southeastern Ghazni Province, killing five police officers on the first day of a ceasefire declared by the government.
2018/6/12 - 20:20
Afghan forces take back northern district from Taliban
Government forces in Afghanistan have retaken the control of a remote district in the country’s northern province of Badakhshan from Taliban militants, officials say.
2018/5/6 - 15:15
Taliban overruns district center in Afghanistan’s west
Taliban militants in Afghanistan have captured a government district headquarters in the western province of Farah, continuing their attacks on the government despite a recent overture by Kabul to start direct dialog with the militants.
2018/3/12 - 22:10
Afghanistan: we have proof that attackers trained in Pakistan
Senior Afghan authorities say they have given neighboring Pakistan evidence showing that the militants who carried out a recent series of deadly attacks were trained on Pakistani soil.
2018/2/2 - 11:00