Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Western media eulogize pro-Daesh dead Syrian footballer
Western media reports have downplayed Sarout’s ties with terrorists and called him “the singer of the revolution,” referring to the foreign-backed militancy plaguing Syria since ۲۰۱۱.
2019/6/11 - 21:00
Grand Ayat. Hakim urges youth not to adapt Western style
The senior cleric advised the younger generations to utilize their potential to promote the Islamic beliefs and principles based on logic and avoid giving in to momentary temptations and worldly desires which are against the Islamic cultures and Ahlulbayt’s (as) doctrine.
2018/1/7 - 13:09
Journalist: West, Israelis don't care about lives of Arabs
Western media and Israelis have a racist attitude towards the Palestinians, because they do not care about the lives of Arabs and Muslims in general, says a journalist and political commentator from London.
2017/2/24 - 17:36