Sunday, June 24, 2018
Bahraini Shia cleric arrested while visiting arrested son
The Al-Khalifa regime forces arrested Shiite cleric Sheikh Hani al-Banaa' while he was visiting his detained son in Dry Dock Prison.
2017/7/4 - 21:22
Bahrain sentences ۵۲ activists to over ۳۱۳ years in prison
A Bahraini rights group says the Manama regime has sentenced ۵۲ political prisoners to a total of more than ۳۱۳ years in jail over the last week alone.
2017/4/20 - 17:00
۵ Bahraini activists sentenced to life in jail
A court in Bahrain has sentenced five people to life imprisonment over alleged involvement in attacks against Al Khalifa regime forces and possession of explosives.
2017/2/16 - 16:36