Thursday, May 23, 2019
Israel arrests ۱۰۰ Palestinians in first ten days of Ramadan
A Palestinian human rights organization announced it has documented the arrest of ۱۰۰ Palestinians, including four women, by Israeli forces during the first ten days of the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.
2019/5/18 - 22:02
Saudi scholar’s arrest in Sri Lanka sparks concerns of Wahhabi influence
Authorities in Sri Lanka have arrested a Saudi-educated preacher over links with the suspected mastermind of bombings last month, throwing a spotlight on the role of Salafi-Wahhabi terrorism in South Asia.
2019/5/12 - 19:00
Israel army abduct Fateh secretary in occupied Palestine
Israel army abducted, on Thursday evening, the secretary of Fateh movement in occupied Jerusalem al-Quds , as he was crossing the al-Karama Border Terminal on his was back home.
2019/2/1 - 23:43
Quebec man arrested on hate charge after Facebook video praises mosque shooter
A Quebec man has been arrested after allegedly appearing in a video praising Quebec City’s mosque shooter and expressing hatred toward Muslims.
2019/2/1 - 22:30
American anchor for Iranian state TV arrested on visit to U.S
Marzieh Hashemi is being held in prison, apparently as a material witness, her son said.
2019/1/18 - 17:35
Iraqi troops apprehend Daesh executioner in Kirkuk
Iraqi security forces have arrested a Daesh senior member in charge of executions in Kirkuk province, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry was quoted saying on Wednesday.
2018/11/21 - 17:49
Three Islamic State members arrested, west of Mosul: Interior Ministry
Three Islamic State members were arrested, west of Mosul, according to the Iraqi Interior Ministry.
2018/10/29 - 13:12
Iraqi army arrests mastermind bomber that killed ۶ last week
Iraqi forces arrested the mastermind of a suicide bombing that killed six people in northern Iraq last week, according to an Iraqi police officer on Sunday.
2018/10/28 - 20:31
Iraqi security arrest Islamic State member at underground tunnel
Iraqi police forces arrested an Islamic State member at an underground tunnel in Kirkuk province, police media said on Tuesday.
2018/10/23 - 17:00
Israeli policewoman shoot, seriously injures Palestinian for ‘fun’
An Israeli policewoman has been arrested on suspicion of opening fire at a Palestinian man in the occupied West Bank, and critically wounding him as a “dubious form of entertainment.”
2018/10/17 - 05:05